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    The world-class electric power business environment supports Shenzhen's high-quality development

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    Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau is making every effort to build a world-class power grid and serve Shenzhen as the core engine of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Photo by Huang Zhiwei

    Energized operation is an important starting point for Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau to improve the reliability of power supply, and also a shining technical name card.

    In 2018, the average power outage time of all customers in Shenzhen (to low-voltage customers according to the international IEEE-1366 standard) was 0.68 hours, comparable to Paris, London and other cities, and the power supply reliability reached the world-class level. Among them, the average annual power outage time of customers in Futian Central District High reliability demonstration area is only 1.93 minutes, and the power supply reliability rate is 99.9996%, ranking among the world's top level, and effectively promoting the construction of world-class power business environment.

    It is reported that in 2018, the GDP of Shenzhen exceeded 2.4 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of about 7.5%, ranking among the top five economies in Asian cities. The speed, quality and efficiency of economic development are inseparable from the strong support of the power business environment. It is understood that the average power outage time of customers is the key factor of the "power acquisition" index in the World Bank's business environment evaluation, along with the power operation process, power connection time, power connection cost, etc.

    In 2018, the southern power grid Shenzhen power supply bureau speed up the technology, management and service innovation to create a world-class power business environment, implementing " the reporting and installation process cut in half, the power connection time cut in half, all certificates without laws and regulations cancelled, door-to-door service, no cost for power access of small and micro enterprises below 200 kVA, power outage for less than an hour ". For the eighth consecutive year, it has ranked first in 40 government public service satisfaction projects in Shenzhen, with third-party customer satisfaction of 85 points, reaching the world-class level, injecting inexhaustible high-quality power into the core engine of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    Planning first focuses on opening up the "last kilometer" of power supply

    Shenzhen's entrepreneurial density ranks first in China and has many high-tech enterprises, which determines the "three high" characteristics of high load density, high reliability and high power quality."Huawei's high-end chip manufacturers and hundreds of laboratories are located in Shenzhen, operating 24 hours a day. The voltage drops once, and all the laboratory data has to be overturned again." Dai Qing, an electrical engineer at Huawei, expressed the high sensitivity of high-end enterprises to power quality. What makes him gratified is that Shenzhen's power supply environment makes them willing to stay here for development.

    In recent years, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has systematically promoted reliability management, clearly defined the leading position of power grid planning, and strive to build a world-class power grid that matches the city positioning and meets the needs of "three high"."The average power outage time of customers is less than one hour is the core index to measure whether power grid enterprises reach the world-class level, and also the most difficult index to complete, which comprehensively reflects the management level of power grid planning, construction, production and operation."Deng Shicong, deputy director of the asset management department of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, said," Only by strengthening the foundation of the power grid can the reliability of power supply reach a new height.”

    It is reported that the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau actively draws lessons from the international advanced experience, strengthens the cooperation with EDF, and optimizes the planning method with the grid management as the starting point. Especially creatively putting forward and implementing distribution network planning "three 1" action, planning concept from medium pressure to low pressure, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau forms a set of complete top-level design standards, a set of reliable grassroots security system and a set of solid closed-loop control mechanism, promoting the coordinated development of distribution network planning and operations work, and striving to get through the power supply "the last kilometer".

    "We learn from advanced international experience and move the reliability management threshold forward to the planning and design link."According to Kang Wentao, deputy chief of the asset performance management department of the asset management department of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, the bureau's production capacity from 2016 to 2017 has reached 90 percent of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. From 2018 to 2020, the investment scale of Shenzhen power grid will reach 34.556 billion yuan, which is equivalent to creating a medium-sized city power grid with a population of 3 million.

    Technical support for the average monthly planned power outage time is only about 1 minute per household

    Just like people need physical examination, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, power supply equipment also needs to be regular maintenance. In this process, how to ensure customer power experience and minimize the impact of planned power outage is a major challenge in reliability management. In 2018, the actual power transfer rate of the planned power outage of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau was 85.1% (the actual power transfer rate refers to the ratio of the number of lines that can be replaced by other lines for power supply to the total number of power outages during the power outage maintenance period), which increased by 14% year on year; especially in the second half year, the planned power outage increased by 20%, while the impact of power failure decreased by 80%. The average monthly planned power outage is only about 1 minute per household.

    How is it done? It turned out that the power supply bureaus in each district answered the "six questions" by themselves before applying for each power outage (Whether the power supply can be transferred, whether the operation can be operated without power failure, whether the power failure can be combined with a single order, whether the power failure will be repeated, whether the power failure duration can be shortened, and whether it will affect the residents), Then, a joint review will be conducted to optimize the power outage arrangement before entering the hierarchical review process. “If the medium voltage power outage affects more than 150 households or the low voltage exceeds 3000 households, it will be upgraded to the general manager for review." Shenzhen power supply bureau system operation department deputy director Ma Weizhe said.

    Management methods, technology innovation.In view of the characteristics of the highest proportion of cable power supply in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has built a characteristic energized operation technology system, formed 12 typical cable temporary power supply operation methods, and set up a professional energized operation team, which will not affect the electricity consumption of the work that can be carried out through energized operation. The energized operation technology is not only successfully used in the construction of the high reliability of power supply demonstration area in Futian Central area, but also vigorously promoted in Shenzhen. The energized operation scale and complete operation category of the cable network rank first in China. Among them, the industry recognized as the highest technical difficulty of the 10 kv cable bypass operation implementation times are far ahead in the world.

    As the "health care doctor" of the power grid, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau also vigorously reduces the number of faults through multi-party linkage to prevent external damage. A total of 323 million RMB was invested in the special rectification project, and the number of repeated faulty lines in 2018 fell by 61% year on year. When faults come, we actively used energized operations to restore power supply first and then repair the fault. In 2018, the average power recovery time of medium-voltage faults decreased by 53% year-on-year.

    Lean service: "zero cost" power connection for customers below 200 kVA

    In addition to the reliability of power supply, "obtaining electricity" is also about links, time, cost, and transparency of electricity bills. For customers, the most intuitive feeling is that there are fewer electricity handling procedures, shorter electricity connection time, more reasonable electricity connection costs, and better power supply services. In this regard, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has clearly formulated five related goals in the "six one" lean measures - "the reporting and installation process cut in half, the power connection time cut in half, all certificates without laws and regulations cancelled, door-to-door service, no cost for power access of small and micro enterprises below 200 kVA, power outage for less than an hour” At present, the bureau is combining this measure to create a "model project" for the electricity business environment.

    "The power was quickly connected, and my store opened smoothly, much faster than expected."Mr.Zhang runs a hot pot restaurant in Huanggang Village, Futian District, Shenzhen city, with 40 induction cookers, 14 air conditioners, more power and more electricity. After he submitted his application, he was electricity more than a week.

    The convenience felt by Mr. Zhang is due to the initiative of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau in 2018 in the China Southern Power Grid - the implementation of low-voltage power supply for customers below 200 kVA in Shenzhen, this means that all small and micro enterprises with a capacity of 100 kVA to 200 kVA have changed from high-voltage to low-voltage non-residential installation procedures. They only need 2 processing links, and they will be connected to electricity within 11 days, and the electricity will be connected at zero cost. According to Yu Meimei, deputy director of the bureau's marketing and customer service department, the company has saved customers about 30 million RMB since the implementation.

    "We strive to make our customers free of worry, save money and time." Yu Meimei said, "We have greatly shortened the application and installation process. The expansion of the high-voltage industry has combined the on-site survey and power supply plan response links, the completion inspection and the meter installation and connection links, and cancelled the audit review and intermediate inspection. When the low-voltage industry expands and installs the customer's electricity application, the time for meter installation is made synchronously, and the on-site survey confirms that the qualified meter is installed and connected to the electricity immediately. These measures have cut the industry expansion declaration and installation process by half, and the average low-voltage new installation time has dropped by about 50%. ”

    Simplifing the process offline to save time and cost; building a "mobile +" system online, and enabling customers to "do not run once". Offline, the power supply window not only settles in the administrative service hall of Shenzhen Civic Center and the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, but also realizes the three-hall integration mode with Shenzhen Water Supply and Gas Group, so that customers can run fewer errands. Online, wechat power outage map and one-button fault report, Alipay prepaid, non-inductive transfer and other functions, so that the data can run more away."Customers can handle power supply business through the network palm business hall and wechat business hall, and no longer need to submit paper materials to and from the business hall."Yu Meimei said that the bureau's remote business acceptance rate has been as high as 95%, ranking the first in the China Southern Power Grid for three consecutive years.

    As early as 2015, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau first extended the industry expansion investment interface to the red line of customers' building property rights in the China Southern Power Grid, which greatly reduced the burden of connecting power lines from public substations when adding power consumption, and saved customers 3 billion RMB so far. The bureau also thinks about what customers think. Account managers take the initiative to obtain customers' electricity needs in advance and follow up in time through land bidding, project planning and construction, and construction site start information, etc., so that customers can handle electricity more quickly.

    Shenzhen power supply bureau said, they will continue to increase investment in the power supply quality in the future, focus on solving the problem of inadequate and imbalance in power grid development, establish southern power grid regional power access service pilot demonstration city, to create a more marketization of legal international business environment to contribute their own strength for Shenzhen.

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